Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kevin Hart - SSE Wembley Arena 23/01/2016

On the 23/01/16, I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Hart at his new 'What Now Tour' and I have to say that it was absolutely incredible!

Although it was a frustrating journey there, I must say that every second of the show made every second of being stuck in traffic in Wembley worth the trouble.

After walking in the rain from our car to the venue, dripping wet, we took our seats in the arena, around us were people from nearly every culture, background, sexuality and class, all here to have a good time and share the experience together.

The first thing that struck me at the show was the numerous warnings of mobile phone, in this day and age everyone is stuck to their phones so you can imagine how well this went down, the majority of people ignored it for a while and this caused the Stewards to have to patrol the seating areas heavily, although this was a little bit uncomfortable and distracting, you could see the reasoning behind the rule and could only respect the Stewards for doing their job.

Once everyone was seated, settled and following the no phone rule, the show finally began and Kevin's supporting act, 'The Plastic Cup Boys', consisting of  the talented Joey Wells, Na'im Lynn and Will Horton came on stage one by one.  Each of them with their own style of humour and smashing the laughs out of people.

I have to say that Joey was definitely my favourite, his stories were about normal every day occurrences, they involved everyone in the crowd, the olders, the young'uns, even the crazy and to be honest I would happily pay to see him in his own right!

When Kevin finally came on stage, its fair to say that the room exploded, he was a little late arriving on stage so the whole arena had a lot of built up excitement, I didn't think the cheers would ever stop!

The thing I like best about Kevin Hart is that he can take any normal, every day kind of happening and turn it into a fit of giggles, he draws from his own life experiences with his family and friends, for example, his son, daughter, partner and father, even including the wildlife around his home, including a certain annoying Raccoon!

The energy behind the way he delivers his performance is enough to put anyone to shame, the effort he puts into his impersonations and painting the scene for the audience is on an epic level, if anyone ever needed someone to bring a book to life by telling its story, Kevin Hart is your man.

Ever since the show, my favourite new one liner is 'Oranguatnnnnnn..... REALLLLAYYYYYY...' so I suppose Kevin has a lot to answer for with my family and friends as I realise that this will soon wear thin with them, I'm not mentioning what this line is in reference to as I'm sure Kevin will be bringing out a DVD of some sort for you to find out yourself!

In all honesty, my favourite part about the show is the fact that every single mini hysterical story that Kevin told us, linked in with the last section of his performance, it was like each segment was a separate factor but in his closing paragraphs, they all interlinked and came together to present as one big gift for us to remember forever.

In addition to all of this, its worth mentioning that due to the popularity of the guy, Kevin had to put on two sold-out shows that day but from his performance and those of his supporting act, you would never have known, the laughs just kept coming as if their stories and one liners were being told for the first time.

Lastly, you can't fault Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boys for the love they showed us for spending our well-earned money on seeing them live, although the mobile phone rule was very strict and many people were thrown out for their ignorance of it, at the end, Kevin asked everyone in the audience to take out their phones and light them up, as you looked around the room it was just a sea of spot lights and the sentiment of the invitation to film him at this point was felt by everyone in attendance.

In my eyes, having the opportunity to see Kevin perform live was worth every penny and every mile we travelled to get there... I would certainly recommend you to try to get your hands on some tickets for the next time he tours
the UK!!!

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