Friday, 8 January 2016

Introducing Jordy


Welcome to my blog!

At the moment, I'm unsure of the precise direction I want to take this blog as I have so many interests and opinions I could talk all day, so... I'm going to start with a bit about myself.

I'm a 24 year old girl, born and bred in Cardiff, working in Cardiff but for now, I'm currently living in Newport. Around six months ago, I moved from my parents' house to my own home so you may come across a few posts about rediscovered independence and the perils of being an adult!

Like most other females, you'll find that I am constantly trying to diet and change my lifestyle (but sometimes the sweets are just too damn good!) and so I'm sorry if I bore you with a fitness or healthy living post now and again, or even a rant about my lack of willpower in some instances.

Another aspect of my life is beauty products, I wear makeup every single day, in fact, I don't think my work colleagues have ever seen me without a full face of make up and if you see me in a shop without makeup then the only logical reason is that I'm full up with the flu or feeling sorry for myself.

I know its bad and it makes me sound materialistic and a girly girl but in fact its the opposite, I'm happy to slum it in a tracksuit now and again- rock my trainers, watch the darts, football and rugby but at the same time, I like to feel good about myself and I'm not ashamed to say it - makeup gives me the confidence boost I need to get myself out the front door everyday - when I feel I look good ... I feel good!

This year, I've made a promise to myself to try new things, new places and to just get myself out there, not just in my career but also in my personal life, I want to have adventures, see everything and meet new people so rest assured that I'll keep you up to date with any new challenges I've completed or any new places I've been :)

This is sooooo exciting! Anyways, I think I've given you enough for now, I hope you like the little insights to my life and urge you to comment on anything you like (or dislike) - I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences :)